Friday, November 21, 2008

Lahore School Lifts the Kinnaird College Debating Championship Trophy

The Lahore School of Economics Association of Debaters won the Parliamentary Debating Championship at Kinnaird College. The team comprising of Society President Abdur Rehman, General Secretary Ali Hanan and Shahraiz Chishti represented LSEAD at the Championship and consistently beat the teams of FC College, Punjab University and LUMS. They met the Government College University Team in the finals where the motion was, “This House Believes that media serves business, not national interest.” The Lahore School team was in the opposition and took down the case of the GCU team convincingly.
By: Zahid Latif

Friday, November 14, 2008

15th All Asian Inter-Varsity Championship

LSEAD team was runner up in the 15th All Asian Inter-Varsity Championship.
BY: Ali Butt

LSEAD team in India

The Lahore School Team in India. The images show that how they enjoy representing LSE at different platforms.......
by: Waqas Suleman
The story of LSEAD is a story of relentless commitment and hard work towards realizing the vision of becoming a leading student organization that promises opportunities to the student body to enhance their personality development process and intellectual abilities by nurturing their skills in public speaking, debating, diplomacy, logic and reasoning.

By: Ali Butt

Message of the President of LSEAD

Today we have to realize the challenges we encounter .We face the challenge of representing Pakistan in front of the international arena in order to tell them what we stand for, what is the true outlook of our society, our culture and our values. We have to be clear in our stance and speech. When we talk we have to make them listen, understand and acknowledge our potential. In order to stand tall among the leading nations of the world we need to toil day and night and leave no stone unturned for us to achieve our aim. The LSEAD can prove to be a stepping stone for us in achieving our aim as it helps us in several dimensions.

The Lahore School of Economics Association of Debaters (LSEAD) provides us the opportunity to nourish ourselves as debaters. It is a platform for the students to represent Lahore School not only in the domestic debating circuit but before the international debating fraternity as well. This year at the 15th All Asians Inter Varsity Debating Championship at Dhaka, Lahore School Debating Team qualified into the Quarter Finals. It is an achievement that reaffirms our commitment towards debating.

I being the President of the LSEAD warmly invite you to step forward and prove your worth as a speaker by joining the LSEAD. It has been a delightful experience for me working for the LSEAD. It helped me nourish debating, reasoning and logical thinking skills along with invaluable qualities of leadership, diplomacy and team work. This year I have pledged to ensure my 4 E’s: Equality for All, Efficiency, Empowerment and Enthusiasm. I pledge to make this year the year of effective team work, regular training camps, and the year of winning trophies. I pledge to make this year the year of Debating and finally the year of the Lahore School of Economics Association of Debaters.

I invite you to join our team that works as a family to bring glory and honor for the Lahore School of Economics. I would conclude by quoting:

“One’s first step to wisdom is to question, and one’s last is to come to terms with everything”

By: Zahid Latif

Assistant Director Extra Curricular Department says.......

Lahore School Association of Debators was officialy recognized by Lahore School in 2006. Since our beginning, we have become one of the most successful socirties of Lahore School, both hosting and participating in some of the most prestigious tournaments. LSEAD has hsted and organized, and participated in, Inter-University Competitions, Model United Nations Conferences and internal and in-house debates.

I consider LSEAD as my family and its every member is worth a lot to me.

by: Waqas Suleman

What is LSEAD.......

The Lahore School of Economics Association of Debators [LSEAD] is the most active society in LSE. LSEAD is a platform for those who possess the talent of expressing themselves confidently in front of a gathering. Debating has always been considered as an art which is really special. But now a days it has become a specialized field with various types. Parliamentary style, declamtion style and model united nations (MUN) are the major types of debating events which take place at the domestic as well as at the national and international level. LSEAD is extremely rich in talent and it always encourage its members to represent Lahore School not only in the domestic debating circuit but before the international debating fraternity as well.

by: Zahid Latif